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Allende, CV3.2
Bassikounou, H5
Carancas, H4-5
Gao-Guenie, H5
Gujba, CBa
Foster, H4
Juanita de Angeles, H5
Kainsaz, CO3.2
Kunya-Urgench, H5
La Colina, H5
La Luz, H4
Leedey, L6
Long Island, L6
Mreïra, L-chondrite
New Orleans, H5
NWA 869, L3-6
NWA 4419, R4
NWA 6508, EL3
NWA 6510, L4
NWA 7406, EL3
NWA 7801, CK5
NWA Main Masses
Ochansk, H4
Park Forest, L5
Pony Creek, H4
Red Dry Lake 064, H5
Renfrow, L6
San Bernardino Wash, L5
Santa Vitoria do Palmar, L3
Sierra Colorada, L5
Soltmany, L6
Sutter's Mill, C
Tulia (a), H3-4
Kainsaz, CO3.2
The Kainsaz meteorite fell on September 13, 1937.  The spectacular fall was accompanied by the usual sonic and visual effects, and was comprised of a number of large stones totalling ~200 kilograms in weight. 


This piece is special for other reasons.  It's beautifully cut, and it is *not* a piece of a recently recovered stone.  This slice comes from one of the original 1937 recoveries, and as such, is much more fresh than the vast majority of the material available today. 
The only other accessible CO3 fall is Moss, and it retails at $100-200/g. 

This slice weighs 19.394 grams and is priced at $500.  It measures
40 x 72 x 1-2mm.

As you can see, there's no rust, and the chondrules are as crisp as one would expect for a type 3.2.
The slice
does vary slightly in thickness; it seems that this slice was cut from an older cut block, and one side shows some antique patination (third photo). 
19.394 grams - $500

1Millman, P. M., Meteor News - News from the Soviet Union Concerning Meteoric Research; The Albedo of Meteorites; South African Meteor Observations, Oct.-Dec., 1938.  Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Vol. 33, p.51
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