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Seymour, IAB-Mg
Seymour is a rather uncommon iron; when found, it weighed only 25.9 kilograms, and, from what I understand, practically none of it has ever been made available to collectors.  I know of only a single other 0.8 gram piece that has ever been available.  It's classified as a IAB-MG with big troilite inclusions - but, sadly, these pieces I purchased from an IMCA member didn't exhibit any such inclusions.

A paper describing its discovery and subsequent study can be found here:

Here's a paper on the meteorite's mineralogy:

Writeup from MB 31:



The place of fall or discovery: 10 km NNW of Seymour, Webster County, Missouri, USA; φ = 37°15' N, λ = 92°47' W.

Date of fall or discovery: FOUND about 1940, but not reported until 1963.

Class and type: IRON, octahedrite containing large nodules of troilite.

Number of individual specimens: 1.

Total weight: 25.9 kg.

Circumstances of the fall or discovery: Found by Claude Dickson while plowing.

Source: Report of Prof. W. F. Read (Appleton, USA) in a letter, 111.30, 1964 (see also the Meteoritical Bulletin, No 29, 1964, p. 4).



These are likely the only pieces of this meteorite that you'll ever see availale.  I can't promise that the owner won't cut the main mass, but since next to none has come to light in the past four decades, your investment in these specimens will almost certainly remain safe. 

It is one of eight irons from Missouri. 

4.273 gram 1/4 slice - $200

Another fine example of this iron.  Neumann bands and some ghostly structures are visible in the grains of this slice. 
Polished and etched front, well-sawn rear. 
4.273 grams - $200
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9.493 gram 1/4 slice - $355

Strange geometric patterns visible in the large kamacite grains of this slice -- never seen anything quite like them (see third photo towards upper left).  Cool slice, and as good of an example of this iron as I have seen anywhere, for sale or otherwise. 
Polished and etched front, well-sawn rear.
9.493 gram 1/4 slice - $355

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5.418 grams - sold

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