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Canyon Diablo, IAB
Chinga, Ungrouped
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Chinga, Ungrouped
The classification of this iron is somewhat complicated; at first regarded as a doubtful meteorite, it was later classified as a IVB-anomalous iron, and was then reclassified as an ungrouped iron.  It seems that the 'ungrouped' classification has stuck, making this a most unusual meteorite, not closely chemically related to any others. 

Writeup from The Catalogue of Meteorites:
51'3'30' N., 94'24' E.
Tanna Tuva, Turvinskaya, USSR, Found 1913 Iron, Ataxite. Ni-rich (Ir-ungr).  Many masses, individuals up to 20kg, of total weight about 80kg, were found in the Chinga stream, a tributary of the Upper Yenisei from the Tanno-ola Mts.  Recognised as meteoritic, The place of fall is incorrectly mapped. Analysis, 16.38 %Ni, 0.181 ppm-Ga, 0.082 ppm,Ge, 3.6 ppm.Ir,.  Many of the specimens are strongly oxidised, and some have the torn appearance characteristic of fragments from meteoritic craters such as Canyon Diablo and Henbury. It is thought probable that this fall was associated with a crater that has disappeared through erosion, or perhaps has simply passed unnoticed, but fieldwork in 1963 failed to find any crater, Fragments of metal with 16.37%Ni, found in the alluvium of the upper Argolik river, Tuva district are now attributed to the Chinga fall.

Below are a few specimens we bought for our collection, but have since decided to let go. 

1080 gram complete individual - sold

We purchased this individual from Ivan Koutryev in October of 2000.  It is a well-shaped individual that is a little atypical for the fall in that it has a much more interesting shape than the usual lenticular pieces of shrapnel.  Great patina, haven't touched it in 12 years.  Complete individuals have been getting harder to find, and I've seen prices upwards of $2/g realized for complete Chinga's.  Either way, good luck finding a nicer one. 
1,080 grams -
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2.3 kilogram complete individual - $3,450

This is a much more classic piece of Chinga - arrowhead-shaped, and tapering in thickness towards one end, it is almost certainly a piece of shrapnel from the still-undiscovered crater.  We purchased this iron in March of 2004 from a seller on ebay, and a larger Chinga soon followed,'s time for this fellow to hit the road.  This Chinga is uncleaned, and, as you can see from the photos, retains most of its original patina.  It has become harder to find specimens over 1 - 1.5 kg over the past few years.   
2.3 kilograms - $3,450

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