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Canyon Diablo, IAB
Chinga, Ungrouped
Gebel Kamil, Ungrouped
Griffith, Ungrouped
Laguna Manantiales, IIIAB
NWA 3202, IIAB
Seymour, IAB-Mg
Sikhote-Alin, IIAB
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Griffith, Ungrouped
From the Meteoritical Bulletin:

So, the Griffith meteorite is an ungrouped American iron with a tkw of 6 kilograms.  This slice came from a Canadian collector and is beautifully polished (check out the photos).  Awesome polish.  

45.278 grams - $900

It took several tries to get the camera to focus on the slice as opposed to what was being reflected in it.  In the end, I had to hold the slice in such a way that it reflected only the sky - see the last 2 photos.  It's a pretty piece. 
Please note that the two edge cuts are not perpendicular and do meet at a slightly acute angle.  It doesn't affect the aesthetic quality of the specimen. 
The slice is parallel. 
45.278 grams - $900
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