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Canyon Diablo, IAB
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Laguna Manantiales, IIIAB
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Canyon Diablo, IAB
Canyon Diablo is one of the most famous iron meteorites in the world.  These iron meteorites are fragments of the massive asteroid that slammed into the Arizona desert some 30,000 years ago, forming the 750-foot-deep, 3/4 of a mile-across "Meteor Crater."  

The meteorites found around the crater broke off of the crater-forming mass prior to and supposedly during the impact, as individuals and as shrapnel

We purchased a single 16 pound iron meteorite from a fellow in New Mexico several years ago.  He had been given the meteorite as payment for work he did for a geologist some years previously.  He said that the iron had been found ~20 or so feet underground in alluvium somewhere in New Mexico.  

UCLA analyzed the meteorite, only to find that it was identical to other highly shock-altered Canyon Diablo meteorites -- a conclusion also supported by the discovery of a diamond-bearing inclusion when Marlin cut these few slices off of the mass.  We removed ~7 slices from a promontory, resulting in a windowed main mass of approximately 14.5 pounds.  It is one of the most shocked and recrystallized Canyon Diablos I've ever seen.  It displays a greatly altered Thomson structure, abundant cohenite inclusions, and schreibersites.  

12.058 gram complete slice - on hold

Schreibersite, cohenite, and an almost completely washed-out pattern.  Great example of shocked Canyon Diablo.
12.058 grams -
on hold
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45.910 gram complete slice -
99.620 gram complete slice - sold

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