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Huckitta, Pallasite, PMG-an
Huckitta, Pallasite, PMG-an
Huckitta is a very well-known meteorite.  It was discovered in 1924 in Central Australia by Herbert Basedow.  Mr. Basedow recovered a single 1,084 gram specimen, but the main mass and several thousand pounds of oxidized meteorite fragments were discovered in 1937 by a local rancher, Mr. W. Madrill.  If you're interested in (Aussie) history, you might check out Herbert Basedow's Wikipedia page.  The guy was pretty cool. 

A complete report describing the recovery of the main body of the meteorite can be found below.  I cringed at the multiple mentions of smashing specimens with rock-picks, but things were done differently back then.

The account:

Chemically speaking, Huckitta is an anomalous main group pallasite.  Long story short, it has several elemental abundances that don't fit in to the main group, but it's apparently similar enough to the other main group pallasites to be considered 'grouped.' 

The specimen offered below is one of the few fresh/unoxidized specimens I know of in private hands.  I've never seen another such specimen for sale.  It weighs 6.95 grams, and is a polished fragment with olivine. 

6.95 grams - $350

6.95 grams - $350
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