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Resources & Links

Other Useful Sites:

The Meteoritical Bulletin

If you want basic information about an already-published meteorite (type, location, date of find, etc.), this is the place to go.  Many meteorites will also have photos posted below their desription. 

Meteorites: an open-access journal

This is a new 'publication' - an online journal where anyone can access the published academic papers -- for free.  I've volunteered to try to help with some of the editing that these folks need done because it's a very worthwhile endeavor.  Knowledge for free, as it should be.  Take a look if you're curious, and if you're a researcher, please consider submitting some work for publishing. 

Meteor/Meteorite News

Dirk Ross provides the latest fireball reports and estimates of where might be a good place to start hunting.  Also, if you've witnessed a fireball or bolide, you should probably file a report here.
This isn't so much a newspaper as it is a catalogue of potentially rock-dropping witnessed events.  I ususally keep it open as a tab just in case...


An online magazine updated monthly geared towards meteorite collectors and hunters with a number of good columns and photo banks.  Well worth reading if you have some spare time, but watch out -- all back issues are just a click away.  Prepare to spend some time perusing the site if you've never seen it before.  I've read it every month since it first came out. 

Rocks from Space: Picture of the day archive

I know there's a new version out there, but Michael Johnson's original offers a database of meteorite images, many of which I consider to be historically important. 

A Photo Gallery of Meteorwrongs, by WUSTL

Wondering if your rock is a meteorite?  I'd be glad to look at photos of any possible meteorite you might have or meet you in person, but checking here might be a good place to start.  Most rocks brought to experts are man-made slag or iron-bearing earth rocks...but you could be one of the lucky ones.  I'd gladly be willing to let you know if it would be worth sending a specimen for further testing. 

Meteorite Identification Dot Com

Top-notch resources and information, especially regarding ebay sellers to avoid and places you can go to have your meteor-maybe examined at by an experienced specialist. 

Woreczko Meteorites

An educationally-geared site that focuses on a little more scientific depth than most others.
Very informative and worth stopping by!

Planetary Meteorites

Site with a ton of information on Lunar and Martian pairings (many with photos!) run by Norbert Classen.  A great reference site if you are interested in 'planetary' meteorites. 

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