Collecting and preserving meteorites since 1998.
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Please email Jason with inquiries regarding specimens on the website:

jasonutas [at] gmail [dot] com (click here)

Peter's email is:

peterutas [at] aol [dot] com

The Fine Print

Payment: We prefer checks if possible, as Paypal charges a few percent on transactions.  More relevant for larger items - if over a few hundred dollars, we should talk. 

Shipping: Shipping depends on the specimen and desired shipping cost (I generally assume that less is better), but should cost $2-5 for smaller specimens within the US.  Default method is USPS Priority Mail, signature confirmation and/or insurance required for more expensive items. International shipping and larger items will cost more depending on the specimen's size and location (typically $7-12 for a small priority box, but insurance can be a bit pricey if needed).

If you wish to have an item shipped to a country with an unreliable postage system (Italy, apparently?  I see lots of complaints..), I will not accept liability for lost items.  I can mail packages via a service such as FedEx or DHL that provides tracking numbers, etc., but would expect the buyer to cover such costs. 

Returns: If an item breaks in shipping, I will offer a full refund when I receive the returned piece(s).  If you've decided that you just don't want the piece upon arrival, I'll offer a refund minus shipping cost.  I'll accept a return within a reasonable period of time; two weeks from arrival seems fair.  If a specimen breaks in the process of being returned (no prior mention of damage)...we'll have to figure something out.  

If you have any other questions, just
send me an email.

We've been experimenting with a new email list format as a means of announcing new specimens.  Please see below if interested.  No spam, just occasional updates with new pages/meteorites. 



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