Collecting and preserving meteorites since 1998.
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to the website for the Utas collection of meteorites. 

Meteorites provide us with samples of pristine material that have fallen to earth just as they formed in space billions of years ago.  The
specimens featured on this website are the very same as those being studied in labs worldwide for clues relating to the formation of our solar system, planet, and even, in some cases, life itself.

A 19 gram Allende CV3 carbonaceouns chondrite individual exhibiting a large, white calcium-aluminum inclusion. 
Such inclusions have been determined to be up to 4.568 billion years old!
To hold a meteorite is to physically grasp the remnants of the first matter to solidify in orbit around our sun and, at the same time, touch traces of the dying breaths of the massive star that came before it. 

Meteorites are a natural resource that exist in a very limited supply, and they should be protected and curated as well as is humanly possible by those who possess them. 

Since acquiring our first meteorite in 1998, Peter, my father, and I, have tirelessly strived to meticulously catalog each of our specimens, and to ensure that each has a well-recorded and accurate history, which is provided with each and every sample offered. 
A 352.6 gram fragment of New Concord purchased from descendants of Amos E. Dolbear, a prominent
American physicist and inventor in the second half of the 19th century.

We have made it our goal to keep meteorites, especially meteorites of some importance, whether scientific, historic, or aesthetic, intact. 

When removing samples for analysis, we will sometimes remove an additional slice or two from the main mass of a meteorite so that we might be able to offer some to collectors at large.  As such, this site features specimens that are, in many cases, the only pieces of particular meteorites that will ever be offered for sale. 

Many of the other specimens listed are meteorites we've acquired over the years that have become duplicates or, upon reflection, don't serve much purpose in our collection.  We both love meteorites, and sometimes we buy things that don't really fit our aims.  We've been letting such things accumulate since we began collecting meteorites, and some of those special pieces will be offered here. 

I hope that you find something that you enjoy on this site, and look forward to hearing from you. 

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