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Some years ago, when people wished to disseminate information, they went through the trouble of printing words
with ink on a thin substance made of wood-pulp and/or plant (esp. cotton) fibers called "paper."  Flat "sheets" of this paper were arranged in stacks, and words were printed on both sides of each sheet so that a ~megabyte of information could be arranged into a relatively large volume of space, called a "book."  

You'll find some of these archaic items listed for sale below.   

More coming soon, sorry.  All here are sold. 

H.H. Nininger, Meteorites: A Photographic Study of Surface Features.  Part 1. Shapes, 1977, softcover as issued. 
  Inscribed (probably not by author) "gift - Dr Rathbun - Nov. 1979."  A previous message was written in ballpoint on the top right of the title page, but it was blacked out (neatly) with permanent marker.  Front cover bears a taped-over yellow-dot sticker on the lower-left corner.  Sticker reads "O 12."  The same catalogue number (?) is noted above the blacked-out writing on the title page.  Minor rubbing along spine, minor flaw near bottom that does not affect integrity. 
*Note - I was able to track down a Donald Rathbun:

Donald Rathbun of El Paso, a medical doctor who also teaches a meteorite course for UTEP's continuing education program, said meteorites are important "because these are samples of our solar system that were the only objects we had to study how our planets originated - until we got the moon rocks.

"Chemical analysis of the meteorites yields a lot of information," said Rathbun, who owns a few meteorites himself,including a 6.5 pounder the size of a cantaloupe he found around Santa Teresa.

As you can see, the markings don't detract at all from the text.  Great book.  Last photo here shows a list of which meteorites are pictured in the text.  Wonderful photographic catalog of complete meteorites. Book is 99% images, wonderful to flip through. 
- on hold

Photographic Catalog of The Selected Antarctic Meteorites.  National Institute of Polar Research. Tokyo, 1981. 

One of the sought-after "red books."

Condition: acceptable.  Cover is fine, text is unmarked.  I doubt this book was ever opened.  The trouble is that the glue appears to have become brittle due to a lack of use, and there are three places where the text has cracked.  Could be rebound in existing (perfect) cover for $50 or so.  A complete set of the Antarctic books was recently offered for some $6,000.  I've seen a few of these red books go for over $1,000 each. 

The three photos above give an example of what the book is like (great photos) -- and show all three areas where the text has split.  As you can see, none are bad.  If this doesn't sell within a reasonable period of time, I'll take it to be rebound in the original cover...and probably keep it at that point.  The last time I saw one of these, it was priced ~$900, but it was in fine shape.  This one is perfect except for the split, so --
$750 - on hold

- Sold stuff -


H.H. Nininger, Find A Falling Star, 1972, hardcover with very good dustjacket.
Condition: good to very good.  Ex-library (Pueblo Regional Library).  Stamp on title page, handwritten decimal code on the back of the same page.  Poorly removed plate on inside of front cover (this could be completely removed properly if desired, but it would not be easy).  Four slightly darker rectangles on exterior of blue cloth binding (traces of tape?).  Did not see any flaws other than the noted library (?) markings; if not for them., would have called it fine.  Text is clean, tight.  Wonderful biography of H.H. Nininger, necessary read for every meteorite collector. 

So...ex library, otherwise a fine copy.  Clean, unmarked text.  

H.H. Nininger, Arizona's Meteorite Crater, 1956, hardcover with dustjacket.
Condition: Fine, with a very good dustjacket.
  Text is clean, binding is as though never read.  Dustjacket shows no wear but minor chipping at the top and bottom on the back of the book (the paper is old/dry and fragile).  No scuffing on font or spine, which is unusal.  Appears to be an unread book. 


H.H. Nininger, Arizona's Meteorite Crater, 1956, softcover, signed.
Condition: Very good to fine.  Minor wear to cover, the text is clean and the binding is tight. 
Signed by author on blank page prior to title.  Penciled prices above, opted not to erase. 


H.H. Nininger, Out of the Sky, 1952, hardcover, no dustjacket.
Condition: Good.
  Wear at corners and top/bottom of spine.  Nameplate in front cover Ralph N. Van Arnam, handwritten note opposite, "Ralph N. Van Arnam Lehigh University April 14, 1952."
Ralph N. Van Arnam was a physics professor and active faculty-member at Lehigh for many years, and he authored many academic papers while there. 



I was recently lucky enough to pick up a second Adamana cast.  The famous "Venus Stone" from Arizona was purchased and owned by Robert Haag until just a few years ago.  It now rests in the collection of an anonymous owner. 
Rober Haag released a limited number of casts, running out of them in Tucson...2001 or 2002, if my memory serves me correctly. 

I found a video of one such cast, but it is in better shape than the one I'm offering.  The one here is slightly discolored at the edge due to handling, and does have a chip on one side.

I think these were $200 back when R. Haag was still making them, but that was some years ago and this one isn't in perfect condition.  These casts are now about as rare as hens' teeth, and, while this one isn't perfect, it's pretty close.  Haven't seen another one available in some years. 


The chip is visible near the top of the third photo (to the left of center), and the majority of the edge wear on the cast is visible in last photo. 
$ sold


both sold, sorry.


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