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NWA 7034 "The Black Beauty" Unique Martian Meteorite
Bilanga, Diogenite
Camel Donga, Eucrite
NWA 725, Winonaite
NWA 2751, Polymict Eucrite
NWA 2752, Howardite
NWA 2975, Shergottite (Mars)
NWA 3197, Anomalous Howardite
NWA 5363, Ungrouped Achondrite
NWA 6470, Lunar
NWA 7022, Lunar
Tissint, Shergottite (Mars)
Tissint fragments (Mars)
Zaklodzie, Ungrouped Enstatite Achondrite
NWA 6470, Lunar
The meteorite is "composed of small mineral clasts and sparse lithic clasts in a very fine-grained matrix (which has heterogeneous glass). Mineral clasts include anorthitic plagioclase, pigeonite, augite, sparse olivine, Mg-bearing ilmenite, kamacitic metal and troilite. Lithic clasts include troctolite and probable mare basalt."
-From the Meteoritical Bulleitn: A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS, on NWA 4936, a confirmed pairing.

NWA 6470 consisted of a single stone weighing 96.0 grams.  It displayed patches of remnant fusion crust and appeared to be a weathered complete individual.  We opted to cut less than a quarter of the stone into slices to help cover the cost of keeping the remainder intact for use in educational talks.  The six slices offered below are the only pieces of this meteorite that will be offered for sale.  They will be shipped in membrane boxes with labels. 

This meteorite has two lithologies, both of which are displayed to varying degrees in all of these slices.  All display a complex breccia with numerous clasts, veins of melt, vesicles, and some slices display individual clasts that are semitranslucent (they'll light up when a bright light is held behind the slice). 

2.887 gram complete slice -

This slice has a small semi-translucent anorthosite, both lithologies, and lots of tiny vesicles in the breccia portion.  It is exactly 1mm thick (one of the thinnest slices being offered).  Great surface area, perfectly parallel cut, etc.  One of the larger slices, one of the thinnest.  A beautiful piece.
2.887 grams - $3,600 
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3.432 gram complete slice -

This slice shows both the melt and breccia lithology very well - there are some great torn-in-half anorthosite clasts visible on both sides and some nice round vesicles visible on the unpolished side.  The breccia is spectacular when viewed under even low magnification. 
3.432 grams - $4290
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3.571 gram complete slice - $4,465

Monster anorthosite clast, both lithologies, metal inclusions, and look at the last photo. 
The large clast was split with the endcut that went for analysis, so this is the only piece we had that shows it.  I don't really have much more to say about this slice - just look at the photos again.  A real gem. 
3.571 grams - $4,465
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3.630 gram complete slice -

This slice is a fraction thicker than some of the others, but one of the anorthosite clasts still lights up when you shine a bright light behind it.  Beyond that, the breccia has a nice red clast in it (either basalt or anorthosite stained by a nearby iron inclusion), and this slice exhibits a little more anorthosite in the melt than some of the others.
3.630 grams - $4,460
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3.695 gram complete slice -

This specimen exhibits a spectacular melt-lined vesicle on its unpolished face, as well as a number of sharply-defined anorthosites.  The polished side of the slice is as busy as any of them, with abundant clasts, melt, and both lithologies clearly visible.  There's a large grey clast of some sort in the breccia portion - not sure what it is.  I think it might be some shocked anorthosite. 
3.695 grams - $4,620
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1.413 gram complete slice (very thin) - $2,120

This slice was the last one removed from the main mass.  After Marlin had already cut the others, I aksed him to take one more off, and he made it thinner than all of the others.  It has about the same surface area (maybe a bit more), but it weighs less than half what the others weigh.  It's so thin that the melt vesicles in the middle of the slice actually go all the way through to the other side.  It was unfortunately cut not quite parallel.  It's close.  He somehow polished it on one side like the other slices - the guy's practically a magician. 
This slice displays both lithologies well -- since it's just as big as the others, I feel obliged to price it slightly more per gram.  At $1,500/g this
1.413 gram slice would come to $2,120.
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