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NWA 2751, Polymict Eucrite

NWA 2751

This brecciated, iron-rich, polymict eucrite is comprised of a fine-grained breccia with a few large clasts.  NWA 2751 was purchased as a single 43 gram complete stone - the 6.007 gram slice below is rimmed with ~2/3 crust, and the remainder is desert-varnished. 
6.007 gra
m complete slice - $200

I was able to track down the 23 gram main mass of this stone, and found a reference to another 6.7 gram slice online.  I believe that this slice is the third largest specimen of this meteorite.  Of note - there is a very strange rounded crystalline inclusion present in the large dark clast.  See the third photo, lower left corner.  I don't know what it is made of, but it appears to be a semi-transparent mineral of some sort. 
This meteorite (not specifically this  slice) is featured on the
NAU page on eucrites.
6.007 gram complete slice - $200
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