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NWA 7034 "The Black Beauty" Unique Martian Meteorite
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Camel Donga, Eucrite
NWA 725, Winonaite
NWA 2751, Polymict Eucrite
NWA 2752, Howardite
NWA 2975, Shergottite (Mars)
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NWA 6470, Lunar
NWA 7022, Lunar
Tissint, Shergottite (Mars)
Tissint fragments (Mars)
Zaklodzie, Ungrouped Enstatite Achondrite
NWA 7022, Lunar
NWA 7022 consisted of a single 98% fusion-crusted and oriented 444 gram stone. 

NWA 7022 prior to cutting - froth (trailing edge) visible at bottom.

In a tradition established by other dealers, we opted to name this stone the 'Bi-modal Beauty,' after its two spectacularly contrasting lithologies.  One portion of the stone is a "fragmental breccia composed of a variety of lighter colored, mostly angular mineral and rock clasts in a dark-gray matrix."  The other ~half of the stone "is comprised of a single large...light-gray, fine-grained clast (which itself contains small remnant clasts)."1

I know of no lunar comparable to this one in appearance.  It is also a KREEP-bearing feldspathic impact melt with many exotic inclusions in the darker, brecciated portion of the rock.  

We purchased the meteorite with the aim of keeping it largely intact, removing only the type specimen (see
here) for analysis and a subsequent two full slices.  If interested in a full slice, please send an email.

Here's a close-up of one of the two slices being offered, each ~15g. 

1A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS
, Meteoritical Bulletin 100.
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