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NWA 7034 "The Black Beauty" Unique Martian Meteorite
Bilanga, Diogenite
Camel Donga, Eucrite
NWA 725, Winonaite
NWA 2751, Polymict Eucrite
NWA 2752, Howardite
NWA 2975, Shergottite (Mars)
NWA 3197, Anomalous Howardite
NWA 5363, Ungrouped Achondrite
NWA 6470, Lunar
NWA 7022, Lunar
Tissint, Shergottite (Mars)
Tissint fragments (Mars)
Zaklodzie, Ungrouped Enstatite Achondrite
NWA 2752, Howardite
This fresh howardite is composed of a beautiful loosely-consolidated breccia with a cement-like texture, reminiscent of falls like Kapoeta and other HED breccias that have been subject to little or no weathering.  The total known weight of this meteorite is a mere 28 grams. 

6.301  gram complete slice / main mass - $250

As you can see, great black crust around most of the edge.

This slice is also the largest remaining specimen of the stone. 

In looking around online, I found a reference to a 5.35 gram endcut of this meteorite that had sold on ebay.  I also found documents describing other specimens that weighed 5.9 grams (type specimen, maybe more than one piece), 5.26 grams, and 3.67 grams.  Those specimens add up to 20.18 grams.  This slice weighs 6.301 grams, and the total known weight of the meteorite is listed as 28 grams.  I assume that the missing ~2 grams were lost in cutting.  This slice weighs less than half of the total known weight, so I hesitate before calling it a main mass, but it is the largest piece of this meteorite that still exists. 

6.301  grams - $250
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