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NWA 7034 "The Black Beauty" Unique Martian Meteorite
Bilanga, Diogenite
Camel Donga, Eucrite
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NWA 2752, Howardite
NWA 2975, Shergottite (Mars)
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NWA 5363, Ungrouped Achondrite
NWA 6470, Lunar
NWA 7022, Lunar
Tissint, Shergottite (Mars)
Tissint fragments (Mars)
Zaklodzie, Ungrouped Enstatite Achondrite
Camel Donga, Eucrite
Camel Donga is an iron-rich eucrite that was found in Australia in January of 1984.  An initial recorded weight of only 25 kilograms is recorded in the Meteoritical Bulletin, but the real total known weight is on the order of a hundred kilograms or more.  

Here's a link to a paper about the then-newly-discovered meteorite.

While it is as fresh as Millbillillie, for whatever reason, the crust of most Camel Donga's is rarely stained similarly, and they typically retain their original black and glossy colour and texture. 

This stone is no exception; have a look at the photos.

20.784 grams, oriented - $500

Mostly glossy crust, flowlines, lipping, no chips, oriented.  I'm not one of those people who calls any Eucrite oriented because I can see flowlines on it.  This stone is dome-shaped with radiating flowlines and lipping on the back.  Not bad. 
20.784 grams at $25/g = $500
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