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Canyon Diablo, IAB
Chinga, Ungrouped
Gebel Kamil, Ungrouped
Griffith, Ungrouped
Laguna Manantiales, IIIAB
NWA 3202, IIAB
Seymour, IAB-Mg
Sikhote-Alin, IIAB
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Laguna Manantiales, IIIAB
There is scant information regarding this find online; the only reference I could find was to an older Meteorite magazine article written by Martin Horejsi and Marlin Cilz. 
Meteorite, Vol. 4, No. 4 from August 1998. 

This is a 91.775 gram cut block from this iron that exhibits this meteorites split personality very well.  While the meteorite may be classified as an ungrouped fine octahedrite, this slice primarily exhibits the coars(est) pattern, but...check out the photos.  Definitely both. 
The iron's strangeness doesn't stop with it's pattern.  While it was initially classified as a fine octahedrite, ungrouped, it was later reclassified as a IIIAB.  Later work apparently disagreed -- for now, it is merely listed as "Iron" in the bulletin, due to a lack of consensus. 
And it's still pretty darn beautiful.

91.775 gram thick slab - $450

Please note - that's not new rust in the last photo.  It looks like an old stress-crack in the meteorite.
This slice hasn't rusted even the tiniest bit since I received it some years ago. 
As you can see, tons of Neumann bands in the coarser areas, and it displays both the coarse and fine portions of the pattern beautifully.
Scintillating, beautiful.  A nice piece with some heft
91.775 grams - $450
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