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Allende, CV3.2
Bassikounou, H5
Carancas, H4-5
Gao-Guenie, H5
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Kunya-Urgench, H5
La Colina, H5
La Luz, H4
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Mreïra, L-chondrite
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NWA 869, L3-6
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Soltmany, L6
Sutter's Mill, C
Tulia (a), H3-4
Carancas, H4-5
The Carancas meteorite violently exploded when it made landfall just south of Lake Titicaca on September 15, 2007.  It is one of three historically witnessed crater-forming events along with Sikhote-Alin and Sterlitamak; of the three, Carancas is the only stony meteorite.  

I obtained the following photographs from a public German forum; based on the content of some of the photos, I believe they were taken by T. Kenkmann, N. A. Artemieva, K Wunnemann, M. H. Poelchau, D. Elbeshausen, and/or H. Nunez del Prado.  If anyone has a copyright issue with my using them, please let me know.  

From MAPS Vol. 44, No. 7. (I'd consider getting a subscription if you don't already have one -- a lot of the papers are very technical, but there's always accessible information: see below.)

As a studying geologist, I would like to point out that the above paper is awesome.  It's worth trying to get the back issue of MAPS if you're interested in such things.

I don't know what the total weight of the recovered fragments is, but, according to a variety of sources, it's somewhere between five and ten kilograms.  To my knowledge, the biggest single piece still intact currently weighs ~345 grams, but the majority of the material was recovered with magnets in the form of tiny fragments and dust. 

These pieces come directly from a Bolivian mineral-dealer who visited the site shortly after the fall.  

0.454 grams

The above fragment is another fresh recovery replete with local soil and a few patches of black sheared surface.
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0.506 grams

A fresh, blocky fragment with some great exposed chondrules.
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0.123 grams - sold
0.190 grams - sold
0.222 grams - sold
0.273 grams - sold

0.339 grams - sold

1.582 grams - sold
3.477 grams - sold

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