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La Colina, H5
La Colina fell at 11:30pm local time on March 19, 1924, in the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina.  Following a bright flash and detonations, a single 2 kilogram stone was recovered on a ranch.  I wasn't able to find any additional information about the fall online, but I managed to track down an original copy of E.H Ducloux's 1925 paper Nota sobre el meteorito de la Colina, the original report describing the fall.  It is in very good condition and will be included with the specimen


I know of a few smaller specimens in private hands, but it should be noted that this meteorite was not well-distributed even amongst institutions. 

From Grady's Catalogue of Meteorites:

I was track down some additional information - the NHM, Paris states that they have a single specimen of La Colina in their collection that weighs 50.30 grams.  A Polish meteorite collector has two pieces of this stone in the 10-15 gram range. 

If that's true, and if no larger pieces are hidden in private hands, it would make this specimen:
1) the largest piece of La Colina in private hands in the world and
2) the third largest piece of this meteorite known (anywhere)

Regardless, this is a pretty, thick slab with a nice edge of fusion crust -- of a fall I hadn't heard of until I saw this piece for sale.  La Colina is an old fall that was the little-known report that describes the fall.  Comprehensive details of the fall (find location, eyewitness reports, the story of finding the stone) are in the booklet. 

The slice is polished on one side and sawn on the other. 

36.073 gram part-slice, 5 mm thick.  - $2,700

It should be noted that this is a slice from the original 2kg stone recovered shortly after the fall.  No subsequent stones were recovered.  This specimen was, however, kept in the collection of Lorenzo Giacomelli, who lived in (humid) Argentina for many years.  It won't rust on you, but it doesn't look like it fell yesterday.  That said, it did fall almost ninety years ago. 

If you're interested, I'd prefer to trade, but would take $2,700 ($75/g).  In smaller pieces, historic, rare falls like this usually go for considerably more per gram. 
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