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Sutter's Mill, C

On Sunday, April 22, 2012 at ~7:51 am PDT, thousands of residents in Southern Nevada and California were awakened by thunderous noises.  Those fortunate enough to be outside at the time might have been luck enough to catch a glimpse of the bright white fireball that blazed across the sky.  Eyewitnesses near the point of impact noted a dark cloud trailing the fireball.  They also described a loud rumbling that continued for up to fifteen seconds -- that led some people to believe that an earthquake was occurring.  The fall was captured on Doppler Radar by Robert Matson and Marc Fries, giving hunters a very accurate idea of where stones might be found. 

The first stones were recovered on Tuesday of that same week, and a total of roughly 1.5 kilograms of meteorites were recovered in the ensuing months.  The meteorites were notoriously hard to find in the rough terrain and tall grasses of the area around Lotus and Coloma, and many experienced hunters spent weeks in the field, only to come away empty-handed. 

The below specimen has sold, but there's more coming/available.  Please check back soon or
send an Email.

1.479 gram fusion-crusted fragment, chondrule-rich lithology - sold

1.479 gram fusion-crusted fragment, chondrule-rich lithology.  A fragment of SM 77,
recovered May 20, 2012.

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