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Renfrow, L6
Renfrow is a rather pretty L6 from Oklahoma, found in 1986 and recognized in 1995.  The main mass was cut by Marlin Cilz, with pretty results. 

Writeup from MB 81: 


Grant County, Oklahoma, USA

Found ca. 1986, recognized 1995

Ordinary chondrite (L6)

An 81.6 kg stone was found while terracing a previously unfarmed hillside.  Mineralogy (J. Clark, ASU) and classification (A. Rubin, UCLA):  olivine, Fa23.5–24.9; shock stage S5; contains 60 mm grains of maskelynite. Specimens:  approximately one-half of main mass, Reed; approximately one-half of main mass, Cilz; type specimen, UCLA.

This is a 904g full slice, and...the thing's huge.  It measures in at 31 by 24 1/2 cm.  It's 5 1/2 mm thick -- about as thin as it could be cut given its size; it's over a foot in its longest dimension. 

The meteorite itself is a shock-darkened L6 (formery classified as an L5-6) with a few shock veins, chondrules, and abundant metal and troilite.  Thanks to the high degree of shock, Renfrow is extremely hard, and it has resisted weathering very well.  The outer edge shows some weathering, but the interior of the meteorite is a completely oxide-free green-grey with abundant metal. 

This slice is polished on one side and the other side exhibits a straight, perfectly parallel sawn surface. 

I found one other full slice available online.  It weighed 911 grams, and was priced at $2,750.

This one's $1,800 - just under $2/g.  A low price for such an impressive piece, and a spectacular example of a chondrite and an American meteorite.  I don't use the term 'museum quality' unless warranted; this guy would fit right in with any world-class museum display.

904 grams - sold

904 grams - sold
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