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Allende, CV3.2
Bassikounou, H5
Carancas, H4-5
Gao-Guenie, H5
Gujba, CBa
Foster, H4
Juanita de Angeles, H5
Kunya-Urgench, H5
La Colina, H5
La Luz, H4
Leedey, L6
Long Island, L6
Mreïra, L-chondrite
New Orleans, H5
NWA 869, L3-6
NWA 4419, R4
NWA 6508, EL3
NWA 6510, L4
NWA 7406, EL3
NWA 7801, CK5
NWA Main Masses
Ochansk, H4
Park Forest, L5
Pony Creek, H4
Red Dry Lake 064, H5
Renfrow, L6
San Bernardino Wash, L5
Santa Vitoria do Palmar, L3
Sierra Colorada, L5
Soltmany, L6
Sutter's Mill, C
Tulia (a), H3-4
Long Island, L6
I can't add much to Nininger's description in Kansas Meteorites Since 1925, published in 1936.

Detail of the fluting on the largest fragments, reassembled.

As you can see, Long Island is an important historic meteorite, and it's not seen too often. 
Priced competitively at $5/g.

34.4 grams - $170

34.4 grams - $170
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All figures from Kansas Meteorites Since 1925, by H. H. Nininger
Published in Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science (1903-)
Vol. 39, (Apr. 2-4, 1936), pp. 169-183
Published by The Kansas Academy of Science


22.3 grams - sold

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