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Sierra Colorada, L5
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Sutter's Mill, C
Tulia (a), H3-4
Sierra Colorada, L5
I wasn't able to find much other than what was published in the Meteoritical Bulletin:
Writeup from MB 81: 

Sierra Colorada

Rio Negro Province, Argentina

Found 1995 May 7

Ordinary chondrite (L5)

A 71.3 kg stone was found by a rancher while tending cattle.  Mineralogy and classification (C. Lewis and J. Clark, ASU; J. Saxton, UMan; K. Metzler,MNB):  olivine, Fa24–26; pyroxene, Fs26; contains inclusions up to several millimeters in size that have little pyroxene.  Specimens:  main mass, Killgore; 1.6 kg, SI; 1.5 kg, MPI; 30 g, UMan.

This particular piece is a rather pretty windowed fragment displaying abundant chondrules (some armoured), and is primarily composed of the darker, more highly shocked ligthology of this meteorite.  Most of the external sides appear to be fresh breaks, but the bottom has a small amount of sand stuck to it, suggesting that it may be an original external surface.  The cut face of the stone  took a great polish, and exhibits a definite greenish hue. 

237 grams - $500

Aesthetic proportions, and it's a hefty chunk.  A great hand-sample of a non-NWA chondrite. 

It's not too common a meteorite and is from a pretty unusual locale - I've seen prices on websites ranging from $3 to $5 per gram, so this is a little less.

237 grams, $500
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