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NWA 7406, EL3
Having just written the description of NWA 6508, I don't really know what else to say.  This meteorite is one of the rarest in the world.  Under 800 grams of EL3 material is known outside of Antarctica, and of that, only ~300 grams are likely to be on the market.  It is visually stunning, primitive material. 

This stone was classified as an EL3 with a shock grade of 2 and a weathering grade of 6 [EL3 S2 W6] by Dr. Alan Rubin of UCLA, and its total known weight is 356.3 grams.  It was cut about half-way, and we donated 30 grams for analysis.  Cutting loss on this stone was unusually high for some reason; after giving two full slices to UCLA, we were left with a mere 60 grams that we could make available.  It's a real shame, because the few slices we are offering are chock-full of large chondrules and are quite beautiful.

Here's a backscattered electron image of a thin section of NWA 7406, taken on the SEM at UCLA:

 As you can see, it's primitive stuff. 

Two of the full slices broke in cutting, so we're offering a some smaller part-slices as well as the complete ones. 

I've tried to price this material proportionally to other analogous chondrites - I've seen CK's and R-chondrites going for ~$50+ per gram, and they are much more available than this. 

5.181 gram part-slice

Great chondrules and chondrule fragments - a pretty slice and a good example of this rare stuff.  You can see some of the grey chondrules have started to alter to white clay at the edges due to weathering.
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6.478 gram part-slice

A little more aesthetic than the smaller pieces - the first photo's color is more accurate than the second's.  Great chondrules, pretty piece.
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14.528 gram complete slice

If you want pristine chondrules, look no further.  The full-slices of this stone are full of them and they're about as crisp as they get. 
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15.572 gram complete slice

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18.589 gram complete slice

The largest EL3 slice in the world. 

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0.102 gram part-slice - sold
0.732 grams - sold

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