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Foster, H4
The story behind the discovery of Foster is a farily typical one for an American meteorite; a stone was ploughed up by a farmer and later recognized as a new meteorite by H. H. Nininger...or one of his brood.  In this case, the one to recognize the stone was Glenn Huss. 

Writeup from MB 71:


Terry County, Texas

Found about 1975, recognized 1989

Stone. Ordinary chondrite (H4)

One stone of 1992 g was found during ploughing in a corn field by Grady Hesson, close to the village of Foster. The find site is between the towns Wellman and Brownfield. Glenn Huss, American Meteorite Laboratory, Denver, found the stone to be different in external and internal structure from the H4-chondrite Wellman (c). Classification and analysis, olivine Fa20.1, A. E. Rubin, Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90024-1567, USA. Information and main mass, Blaine Reed, Durango, CO 81301, USA.

Foster is somewhat special because it was so small; the stone recovered weighed less than 2 kilograms. 

This rectangular-cut partslice is as I purchased it, cut with an older circular saw.  I considered refinishing it, but realized that the cut was probably made by Glenn Huss, himself.  If the buyer choses to have it polished, that is up to him/her; I think it's cool as-is. 
Weighing 48.45 grams, this slice represents ~1/40 of the known material from this fall, and only two institutions and/or museums possess larger pieces (per Grady's Catalogue of Meteorites). 
It exhibits a small edge of crust, and is a fine and relatively large example of this meteorite.  The only other pieces I could find online were priced at $15-25/g.  This is priced at the low end of that range..$700. 

48.45 grams - $700
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*I recently came across another two other pieces of this rare meteorite. 

The first of the two is a thin 1/4-cut of this rare stone bought from a German collector; it weighs 14.278 grams.  Same price per gram as above: $215

14.278 grams - $215
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The below 15.147 gram slab showed up in a Russian collection not long after I'd purchased the above specimen.  It's 29x18x8mm -- a real chunk with a thick edge of weathered crust.  Also $15/g - $225

15.147 grams - $225
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