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Allende, CV3.2
Bassikounou, H5
Carancas, H4-5
Gao-Guenie, H5
Gujba, CBa
Foster, H4
Juanita de Angeles, H5
Kunya-Urgench, H5
La Colina, H5
La Luz, H4
Leedey, L6
Long Island, L6
Mreïra, L-chondrite
New Orleans, H5
NWA 869, L3-6
NWA 4419, R4
NWA 6508, EL3
NWA 6510, L4
NWA 7406, EL3
NWA 7801, CK5
NWA Main Masses
Ochansk, H4
Park Forest, L5
Pony Creek, H4
Red Dry Lake 064, H5
Renfrow, L6
San Bernardino Wash, L5
Santa Vitoria do Palmar, L3
Sierra Colorada, L5
Soltmany, L6
Sutter's Mill, C
Tulia (a), H3-4
New Orleans, H5
The Meteoritical Bulletin contains more information than I knew about the fall:

Here's a link to
Michael Farmer's page on the fall.

- But, both the bulletin and Michael fail to finish the story.  Every dealer I've spoken to who had any contact with the finders hasn't heard a word from them since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  The main mass is very possibly lost. 

So, all we know for certain is that a kilogram or so made it into collectors' hands before the rest was washed (away?) by a hurricane. 

4.094 gram fragment - $400

This piece wasn't indunated in the basement as many of the others were, but it has suffered a little from the local humidity. 
It's one of the largest pieces I've seen available since the few weeks after the fall was introduced. 
An issue of the newspaper describing the fall will be included, along with a
Hupé collection label. 
$100/g = $400
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3.012 gram fragment - $300

Another relatively large fragment from this fall.  This one has a large chondrule right in the middle of one side and is marginally less weathered than the other fragment.  Good-sized chunk of a house-smasher. 
Comes with an issue of the newspaper describing the fall. 
$100/g = $300
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