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Soltmany, L6
On April 30, 2011 ~6am local time, a 1 kilogram meteorite fell through the roof and eaves of a building owned by Mrs. Alfreda Lewandowska in the village of Soltmany in Poland. 

Click here to see a news report on the fall.

The scars.

© T. Jakubowski

The 497g main mass.

© T. Jakubowski

It is the 21st meteorite from Poland and has been classified as an L6.  Since the main mass (and the below fragments) were recovered the same day of the fall, they exhibit little to no weathering or oxidation. 
Per the below paper, the tkw has been estimated to be roughly 1066g. 

Click here to view/download the preliminary Met. Soc. abstract on the fall. 

From the collecting standpoint, as far as I know, next to none of this meteorite has made it out of Poland.  I can honestly say that I know of no other person currently offering any of it for sale.  It's a European fall, a single stone, a hammer, and there's precious little to go around.  A friend was kind enough to pass a few grams (literally) along, and it wasn't cheap. 
He visited the find site about a week after the fall and purchased these from the finder.  These are fragments that directly resulted from the impact of the main mass with the
brick and cement pavement pictured above. 

Each specimen will come in an airtight vial with a Utas Collection label.  I can also email or include a CD with full-resoluton copies of the copyrighted photos taken by Thomasz Jakubowski of the find site.  (See above.)

Vials with assorted fragments

0.077 grams -

Three fragments, one with fusion crust. 
0.077 grams - $105
Send an Email

0.100 grams -

Six fragments, one with fusion crust. 
0.100 grams - $130
Send an Email

0.086 grams -

A number of fragments, several with fusion crust. 
0.086 grams - $115
Send an Email

0.093 grams -

Several fragments, one with a patch of thick fusion crust.
0.093 grams - $125
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0.092 grams -

Two fragments - the larger has fresh, shiny metal visible (see second picture), while the other is mostly fusion crust.
0.092 grams - $125
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0.095 grams -

Several fragments, one with a patch of thick fusion crust. 
0.095 grams - $125
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0.089 grams -

Two large chunks of the Fe-poor inclusion and a fragment with fusion crust. 
0.089 grams - $125
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Larger single fragments

0.084 grams - $135

Fresh interior fragment, no oxidation. 
0.084 grams - $135
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0.150 grams -

Fresh interior fragment, lots of shiny metal at the surface. 
0.150 grams - $225
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0.122 grams -

A fresh interior fragment, Fe-poor.  This is likely a piece of a large chondrule from inside the meteorite - kind of cool. 
Larger due to lack of iron. 
0.122 grams - $160
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0.097 grams -

A fresh interior fragment from the same Fe-poor inclusion. 
0.097 grams - $145
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0.051 grams -
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