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Park Forest, L5
At approximately 23:50 local time, on March 26, 2003, the Chicago suburb of Park Forest was pelted with rocks from space.  The stones smashed through ceilings, dented the asphalt of streets, buried themselves in grassy medians, and some smashed the windows of parked cars.  Park Forest was deemed one of humankind's few "urban impactors."

Thanks to the video data, much was learned about the meteoroid - some of the stark details can be found here.

The bolide as seen from a security camera.  Little did they know that it would
                                                     capture an intruder of magniture -21.7!

Here are some links to photos of some of the damage caused by the fall as well as a fairly comprehensive report describing it

The fireball was recorded by several sources including police car dashboard cameras and private security cameras.  Many of those videos
can still be found online

Meteorites don't usually fall on neighborhoods, which is probably why this particular fall received so much media attention, appearing nationwide in news reports for a few weeks. 

As with most meteorites that have a limited supply, most has disappeared into collections over the past several years, but pieces do occasionally turn up.

88.63 gram endcut, $2,660 (on hold)

88.63 gram endcut, $2,660. (on hold)
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The above end-cut is one of the largest pieces I've seen available for quite some time (but please do scroll down if you're not interested - there's a fragment for sale as well). 

I can't say whether this particular stone hit anything in particular: while it is fairly likely that it landed on something man-made such as a street or sidewalk, I can't prove it, and the exact location of its find was lost when the stone changed hands prior to my purchasing it. 

But, it is a beautiful, large, and fresh example of this now hard-to-find fall.  I've seen prices ranging from $25-45 per gram on stones, and this is nicer than most.  We're letting it go because we found another, and...the choice was necessary.  I'm asking $30/g. 

The delicate web of shiny black shock veins visible in the dark-grey portion of the stone is different from any other meteorite I've seen.  The presence of lighter unshocked material on either side of the cut face makes it a wonderful example of the variation in the amount of shock seen within this meteorite, on a local scale. 

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8.21 grams - sold
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