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Allende, CV3.2
Bassikounou, H5
Carancas, H4-5
Gao-Guenie, H5
Gujba, CBa
Foster, H4
Juanita de Angeles, H5
Kunya-Urgench, H5
La Colina, H5
La Luz, H4
Leedey, L6
Long Island, L6
Mreïra, L-chondrite
New Orleans, H5
NWA 869, L3-6
NWA 4419, R4
NWA 6508, EL3
NWA 6510, L4
NWA 7406, EL3
NWA 7801, CK5
NWA Main Masses
Ochansk, H4
Park Forest, L5
Pony Creek, H4
Red Dry Lake 064, H5
Renfrow, L6
San Bernardino Wash, L5
Santa Vitoria do Palmar, L3
Sierra Colorada, L5
Soltmany, L6
Sutter's Mill, C
Tulia (a), H3-4
Tulia (a), H3-4
From Meteoritics Vol. 17, pp 229-230.

This specimen is one of the older Monnig recoveries, and is a 'puzzle' comprised of several fragments.  According to Blaine Reed, this stone was likely glued together personally by Oscar E. Monnig.  I assume that the fresh chip on the back was made so that the stone could be analyzed and confirmed to be Tulia (a) as opposed to Dimmitt. 

Good provenance, a nice stone.  It has older painted Monnig numbers predating the series. 

414.264 gram fragment, Monnig number - sold

I've been told that Monnig's older collection numbers meant the following: The two letters (DA) are the initials of the landowner upon whose farm this stone was found.  The number (12) designates that this was the 12th stone found on their property.  I can't guarantee that that is what the numbers mean, but the information came from a longtime dealer. 
Note the large slickenside visible in the second photo. 

This stone weighs 414.264 grams, and is priced at sold

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