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NWA 869, L3-6

NWA 869 is one of the most important meteorites to come out of Northwest Africa.  It is a complex polymict breccia that contains fragments from many ordinary and carbonaceous chondrites, and it's well known for being one of the few reliably pretty meteorites to cut. 

Here's a recent paper published on the meteorite:

The L3-6 Chondritic Regolith Breccia Northwest Africa (NWA) 869: (1) Petrology, Chemistry, and Oxygen Isotopes, and Ar-Ar Age Determinations

  1. Knut METZLER1,*, 
  2. Addi BISCHOFF1,
  3. Richard C. GREENWOOD2, 
  4. Herbert PALME3, 
  5. Marko GELLISSEN4, 
  6. Jens HOPP5, 
  7. Ian A. FRANCHI2, 
  8. Mario TRIELOFF5
For the full article, click the above link and then click on the "Article" tab to the immediate right of the highlighted "Abstract" tab, above the text.

 We managed to buy ~5 kilograms of small individuals of NWA 869 on a recent trip to Morocco.  They were divided up according to exterior characteristics, and we now have four smaller batches of stones. 

1) 90+% complete stones, good shapes, no new chips, etc. - $0.35/g

2) Mostly complete stones, one or two may have a small newer chip. - $0.30/g

3) >50% complete stones, one or two may have a small newer chip. - $0.275/g

4) Some mostly complete stones, most stones show desert-varnished breaks and are ~50% complete.  Some have newer chips, but still very few. - $0.25/g

Average stone size across each group differs, but it seems to be 5-15 grams overall, with weights ranging from 1 to ~30g. 

Photos will be added soon.

 Send an Email if interested and photos are not yet posted. 

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